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This project began back in March of 2014 after stumbling across an article discussing LEGO photography, or “legography." I decided to try my hand at this unique form of photography and made a trip to the LEGO Store at Downtown Disney (soon to be Disney Springs) in Walt Disney World. I created a custom Minifigure which I felt best resembled myself and embarked on a simple mission: to photograph this Minifigure all around Walt Disney World. What resulted was the first Legoman collection titled "LEGOMAN takes DISNEY." This would become the first of many Legoman collections.



Over the past year, Legoman has traveled to and been photographed in many unique destinations. Over 50 collections of Legoman images have been complied in what has become The Adventures of Legoman series.



There are many new and exciting adventures planned, so be sure to check back regularly for new images! Enjoy!