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The Adventures of Legoman is an ongoing photography series created by Baillie Conway which chronicles the travels of a small, plastic figure named Legoman. The project began back in 2014 after Baillie became aware of LEGO® photography, often referred to as “legography.” Upon learning more about this form of photography, Baillie created a custom minifig which he felt best resembled himself and began to both photograph and edit the resulting images of Legoman using only an iPhone. After finding success with the initial test shots, Baillie felt that this project could have endless creative possibilities. He set out on a continuing mission to travel across the country and world photographing the tiny figure in as many unique and inspiring settings as possible. From Greece to Belize, Mexico to Canada, Legoman has traveled the world over the past six years. What began as a fun hobby has turned into an ever-evolving art project focusing on how art can coexist with technology and social media. Baillie's images have found their way into private collections, displays, and exhibitions all across the country and world!


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From the sunny beaches of Belize to the ancient ruins of Greece, Legoman has traveled all across the world. Use the maps below to keep track of where his adventures have taken him.

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